Thursday, July 23, 2009

Introoo time..!

Hie guys...this is widely knwn as hemu...i reside in navi mumbai..and thought of...penning..down sumthing abt life..OooOO CRAP..LET ME recorrect it..let me TYPE...all abt pEOPLE..!
I am new to me out guys..!
And hope to have sum fun..blogging..!
Love to all..
Peace be wit you..!


  1. hey.. welcome to bloggersville (ppl really DO call it that :D)
    came across ur blog n i liked it !

    There's nuthing to blogging really.... just be urself, and write !!

    hope to see more ..

  2. btw.... COOL blog name !! (rendezvous?!)